Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations [PDF]

Below is a searchable, readable, HTML version of the Potowmack Crossing II Rules and Regulations. This is an version created by optical care recognition scanning of the PDF. If there is any conflict between the version below and the the PDF version prevails.

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Storage Units and Bike Room

Storage Units
Every condo unit comes with an assigned storage unit in the basement of the building. In 2015, PCII audited the existing storage units and matched them to the condo unit to which they are assigned.

If you are new, contact site manager to discover or confirm the storage unit assigned to your condo unit.

Bike Room
PCII has a bike room that can be accessed through through the back of the building. The key to the building door also opens the bike room. Please use the bike room for storage of any bike that will be locked up longer than a couple days.

The bike rack in the parking lot should be used only to lock up bikes that you intend to unlock within a couple of days. It was installed to serve those unit owners who have mopeds or scooters that do not fit in the bike or who commute regularly on bike.

How to replace your windows

Individual owners are responsible for replacing their windows.

Since Potowmack Crossing II is in the historicdistrict of Alexandria, owners must receive approval from the Alexandria Board of Architectural Review before replacing windows.

Because the windows should be replaced with windows that look similar, only administrative approval is necessary.

  1. Determine the make and model of windows you will use to replace your windows. They should look almost identical to the current
  2. Inform the Potowmack Crossing II board of your plans, including the make and model of the proposed windows. Please include pictures. The Potowmack Crossing II board will send you an email of approval.
  3. Apply to the Alexandria Board of Architectural Review:
    1. Fill out the BAR Adminstrative (Staff) Approval form.
    2. Attach pictures of the current windows and spec sheets of the work that will occur, including pictures of the proposed windows.
    3. Attach a copy of the letter from Potowmack Crossing II board of directors approving the windows.
    4. Take the form and a check for the fee (currently $110) to zoning department at City Hall:
      Alexandria Department of Planning and Zoning
      301 King Street, Room 2100
      Alexandria VA 22314

Possible Source

Neither the Potowmack Crossing II board nor Delbe Management vouch for the vendor below. However, they have been used before in PCI and PCII.

  • American Windows and Siding of VA, Inc
    Sunrise Restorations custom thermal vinyl replacement windows with white interior/exterior. Includes opti-view half screens, Q4 Tilt latch/lock mechanism, FiberCore sash reinforcement, Omega 12 Low-E glass, Argon gas and flat grids between the glass

Notice to Owners about April 27 board meeting

Dear fellow Potowmack Crossing II owners,

It is time again for a board meeting on April 27th; this time, however, it will not be a normal meeting. We will be discussing and presenting to the board and owners issues that will affect our relationship with Potowmack Crossing I. Our agreement with them concerning our use of the pool and small workout space is up for renewal. We will be discussing our options, and since this is a major decision, we will be seeking both input and approval from not just the board but from the owners at large as well. We hope that everyone will attend to voice their opinions.

Currently, we are paying in excess of $33,000 a year (over $660 per unit) to Potowmack Crossing I for the use of facilities that include the small pool during the summer that usually closes at 8:00 p.m. and the small, outdated fitness room. The agreement is up for renewal every five years, and the current agreement will expire in May. We have been trying for a while to gather information from PC I with a decidedly lack of success, continuing some of the issues that had caused us to separate our shared management and grounds maintenance.

Unlike in previous renewal periods, our home owners association has options this time around. Several gyms, recreation centers, and the YMCA have all opened for business with in a 1.5-mile radius, and we have investigated group memberships to these facilities. It appears that we can have access to high quality and wider variety of amenities for a cheaper price. Additionally, we have discovered expenses, such as replacing our aging and leaky plumbing, that need to be addressed. Finding savings to reduce the potential of raising our condo fees is foremost in our minds, and so we will be holding discussions with all stakeholders. We want to discuss the issues and the options before us with you on April 27. We will take the feedback from the meeting, investigate the options, and then have a vote within a month after April 27.

Please come out April 27th to our board meeting, meet with us, converse, add your two cents, and be a part of the decision-making process.


Potowmack Crossing II Board


The following resolutions have been passed by the board to apply to Potowmack Crossing II.

Policy Resolution 1.2014 Requests for Assoc Records

Policy Resolution 2.2014 Move-in Guidelines

Policy Resolution 3.2014 Submission of Violation Complaints

Meeting Minutes

Contact the Potowmack Crossing II board (board AT for copies of the meeting minutes.

PCII Mailing List

The PCII board has created an announcement mailing list. Future meeting minutes and announcements will be made both on this website and sent to the mailing list.

To sign up for the mailing list, send an email to

We will never share your email with anyone. We wouldn’t even know how to sell it if we wanted to, and it will definitely never be used for anything but PCII announcements.

To unsubscribe, send an email to

Board Meeting Calendar

Board meetings are held approximately once every two months on the fourth Thursday at 7:00 p.m. They are held in the meeting room reachable from the rear entrance of the building. All owners are welcome to attend, and at least 25% of owners must vote or submit proxy votes for the board member seat up for election that year at the Annual Meeting in October.

2019 Schedule
February 21

April 25

July 30

August 22

October 24 (Annual Homeowner’s Meeting)

December 5




  • Bicycle garage.  Residents can park their bicycles in the room across from the dumpsters and next to the electrical room.
  • Storage room.  Every condo owner is entitled to one storage unit.  When you receive a unit, please notify the property manager of the number of the unit that belongs to you

Contact us

Potowmack Crossing II Condominiums
1800-1818 W Abingdon Dr.
Alexandria VA 22314

Potowmack Crossing II Board Members 
President: Kate Cerveny
Treasurer: Bill Miller
Secretary: Martha Orton

To contact the board, e-mail them at


Condo Management Company
EJF/Delbe Management, AAMC,
1428 U Street., NW, Second Floor
Washington, DC 20009


Manager: Scott R. Burka, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, EVP
Phone: 202-237-0187, ext. 104
Fax: 202-237-0348

For after-hour emergencies (involving property damage or potential danger to residents), contact Delbe’s emergency service at 202-237-0187, ext. 7.  Please provide the property name, address, nature of the emergency, and your call-back number.  The on-call manager will respond under a blocked phone ID, so please accept the call.

Delbe does not provide lockout service. If you have been locked out, please call a locksmith.


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