The following resolutions have been passed by the board to apply to Potowmack Crossing II.

Policy Resolution 1.2014 Requests for Assoc Records

Policy Resolution 2.2014 Move-in Guidelines

Policy Resolution 3.2014 Submission of Violation Complaints [Updated address]


How to replace your windows

Individual owners are responsible for replacing their windows.

Since Potowmack Crossing II is in the historic district of Alexandria, owners must receive approval from the Alexandria Board of Architectural Review before replacing windows.

Because the windows should be replaced with windows that look similar, only administrative approval is necessary.

Determine the make and model of [...]

Storage Units and Bike Room

Storage Units Every condo unit comes with an assigned storage unit in the basement of the building. In 2015, PCII audited the existing storage units and matched them to the condo unit to which they are assigned.

If you are new, contact site manager to discover or confirm the storage unit assigned to your condo [...]

Notice to Owners about April 27 board meeting

Dear fellow Potowmack Crossing II owners,

It is time again for a board meeting on April 27th; this time, however, it will not be a normal meeting. We will be discussing and presenting to the board and owners issues that will affect our relationship with Potowmack Crossing I. Our agreement with them concerning our use [...]