Meeting Minutes

Contact the Potowmack Crossing II board (board AT for copies of the meeting minutes.

Board Meeting Calendar

Board meetings are held approximately once every two months on a Wednesday. Starting with the August 24 meeting, they are held at 7:30 p.m. at the Charles Houston Recreation Center, located one mile away at 901 Wythe Sreet. The PC II board encourages owners to come to the board meetings to discuss issues and provide [...]


Bicycle garage. Residents can park their bicycles in the room across from the dumpsters and next to the electrical room. Storage room. Every condo owner is entitled to one storage unit. When you receive a unit, please notify the property manager of the number of the unit that belongs to you [...]

Contact us

Potowmack Crossing II Condominiums 1800-1818 W Abingdon Dr. Alexandria VA 22314

Potowmack Crossing II Board Members President: Nancy Malir Treasurer: Kate Pilkington Secretary: Meredith Jones

To contact the board, e-mail them at


Condo Management Company Delbe Real Estate 4200 Wisconsin Avenue STE 500 Washington, D.C. 20016


Manager: Scott Burka [...]

Potowmack Crossing II Bylaws

The Potowmack Crossing II bylaws lay out the legal foundation for the Potowmack Crossing Homeowners Association.

Potowmack Crossing II Bylaws [PDF] Potowmack Crossing II Bylaws [HTML]

The bylaws are based on the Code of Virginia, Chapter 4.2, Condominium Act.